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Please use email for timely communication.


Principal:                          Mrs. Judy Pirnie         jpirnie@pembinatrails.ca                  

Vice Principal:                  Ms. Dawn Thompson  dathompson@pembinatrails.ca

Secretaries:                        Ms. T McKinney         tmckinney@pembinatrails.ca 

                                         Ms. Gerrie Ramsay     gramsay@pembinatrails.ca




Early Years Staff 


Mrs. D. Derksen            dderksen@pembinatrails.ca  

Mr. R. Palka                  rpalka@pembinatrails.ca

Miss E. Lessak              elessak@pembinatrails.ca

Mrs. B. Ardern              bardern@pembinartrails.ca



Middle Years Staff


Mr. R. McGregor          rmcgregor@pembinatrails.ca

Mrs. A. Collins              adcollins@pembinatrails.ca

Mr. W. Birt                   wbirt@pembinatrails.ca

Mr. N. Klippenstein       nklippenstein@pembinatrails.ca

Mr. B. Kemp                 bkemp@pembinatrails.ca

Mr. K. Burgess              kburgess@pembinatrails.ca

Mr. R. Gigliotti              rgigliotti@pembinatrails.ca

Mr. I. Smith                   ismith@pembinatrails.ca

Mrs. J. Skaftfeld            jskaftfeld@pembinatrails.ca

Mr. D. Grape                dgrape@pembinatrails.ca



 Mr. D. Carroll              dcarroll@pembinatrails.ca

Mrs. L. Canto               lcanto@pembinatrails.ca

Mrs. J. Renic                jrenic@pembinatrails.ca

Mr. M. Szkwarek          mszkwarek@pembinatrails.ca

Ms. S. Shields              sshields@pembinatrails.ca

Mrs. C. Sadler             casadler@pembinatrails.ca

Mrs. M. Wolfe             mwolfe@pembinatrails.ca

Mrs. E. Pescitelli          epescitelli@pembinatrails.ca

Ms. B. McCann            bmccann@pembinatrails.ca

Mrs. L. Rappaport       lrappaport@pembinatrails.ca

Mr. D. Bertnick            dbertnick@pembinatrails.ca

Mrs. C. Tibbs              ctibbs@pembinatrails.ca



Educational Assistant Staff


Ms. D. Bachewich        Ms. K. Binda            Mrs. L. Bourgeois        Ms. V. Kurchenko

Mrs. B. Comber          Ms. G. Cels              Mrs. T. Cowell             Ms. L. Johnson

Mrs. S. Frauts             Mrs. J. Friesen          Mrs. C. Gagnon          Mrs. A. Wiebe

Mrs. L. Brown             Ms. K. Heide            Ms. C. Hellofs             Mrs. D. Balcaen

Mrs. J. Schwartz         Mr. M. Tamblyn        Mrs. T. Wesak             Mrs. R. Schindle






 Caretaking Staff


C. Ciupak          B. Veinot         S. Wade 










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